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The ideal multi-purpose desk-top medical aesthetic Intense Pulsed Light system: LUMINETTE ADVANCE

For a great compact medical aesthetic system that gives superb return on investment and clinical results, look no further than LUMINETTE ADVANCE.

With the versatility of high power multi-functional Intense Pulsed Light applications, LUMINETTE ADVANCE offers a cost effective and flexible solution for start-up clinics.

LUMINETTE ADVANCE has two Intense Pulsed Light handpieces: 650 - The 650 handpiece is for permanent hair reduction for skin types 1 to 5 and skin rejuvenation through neo-collagenesis. 585 - The 585 handpiece is for removal of skin blemishes, superficial benign pigmentation, superficial vascular lesions, and active acne.

UNIQUE INTERCHANGEABLE LIGHT GUIDE (ILG™) LIGHT DELIVERY ILG gives you flexibility in the treatment spot size in Intense Pulsed Light treatments. The “snap-in” design gives quick light guide replacement and easy cleaning between clients. ILG allows easier positioning in contoured areas and most importantly prevents unnecessary “bulk heating” in healthy untargeted tissue, as the selection of a light guide matched to small target areas reduces the energy delivered to tissues by up to 80%, protecting the surrounding skin and reducing the need for additional cooling.

EFFECTIVE AND SAFE TREATMENTS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS LUMINETTE ADVANCE software has preset parameters for novice users whilst the pulse train can be optimised by experienced operators. LUMINETTE ADVANCE Intense Pulsed Light handpieces are water-cooled to remove infra-red radiation (IR) and prevent uncomfortable and damaging heat generation. Intelligent detection prevents incorrect application selection for any handpiece, and a door interlock prevents unsafe use.

DESIGNED BY AND FOR CLINICIANS Interchangeable Light Guide (ILG) system for easy cleaning and accurate targeting Large spot sizes and fast auto-fire facility to reduce treatment times Fast and easy software control via simple touch buttons Optional printer for an instant patient treatment summary.

LUMINETTE ADVANCE is manufactured by Lynton in the UK under a QMS certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 1348

ACTIVE ACNE The 585 hand-piece is used to treat active acne, reducing the number and severity of lesions and lessening the inflammation and occurrence of break-outs. P

PERMANENT HAIR REDUCTION The 650 handpiece targets melanin within hairs for permanent hair reduction in skin types 1 to 5. PIGMENTED LESIONS Sun-induced pigmentation marks such as age spots and sun spots can effectively be removed with the 585 handpiece.

SKIN REJUVENATION Select from the 650 handpiece for neocollagenesis rejuvenation, or the 585 handpiece for vascular and pigment based rejuvenation.

VASCULAR LESIONS The 585 handpiece treats superficial thread veins, including Rosacea, Telangiectasia, and Spider Naevi.

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